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Investing in Growth

In recent years, significant amounts of capital have been raised for private equity opportunities in Africa. However, there is still a clear dearth of capital for early stage opportunities in Africa, particularly in traditionally overlooked sectors like media and entertainment.

We believe that media and entertainment, especially as they converge with mobile and other technology, will offer exceptional economic return in Africa, as they have in other emerging markets like India, for companies offering products and services to the 750 million people that constitute Africa’s BOP demographics. More...

What We Do

We create significant value by innovating – we identify markets with large structural gaps and develop innovative business models to address these gaps.

We then provide start-up financing, business development, and operational expertise through the launch cycle. We establish that these business models are viable and scalable and present significant long-term growth potential through replicable deployment across Africa.


Our Team

234 Media and its projects and portfolio companies are driven by an extended team of individuals who share the vision of creating new horizons for African content and who have deep global experience in the finance, media, entertainment and technology sectors.


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